After purchasing my very first parcel of “vacationland”, my family and I spent the 4-hour car drive home dreaming of all the things we could do with our new-found piece of rural vacant land.  My then-5-year-old son’s aspirations of building a dirt bike track rallied with my husband’s dreams of building his own vintage Volkswagen restoration barn.  I just drove…quietly listening to the two most important people in my world stretch their imaginations and paint fanciful pictures of what the future may bring through experiencing our ownership of this rural land.

I just drove quietly…listening…and becoming…inspired.

Little did I know that this family road trip would be the seed that would grow into this niche real estate business.

But…why rural vacant land?

Having studied and practiced occupational therapy for many years, my interest in rural vacant land may have been informed by my core understanding of purposeful and meaningful activity, and its’ importance to our health and well-being.

“Man, through the use of his hands, as they are energized by mind and will, can influence the state of his own health.” (Reilly)

This quote from occupational therapy theorist, Mary Reilly, is more than a defining statement of a clinical discipline.  It is a call to action for all:

Create your own opportunity to do that which is important and meaningful to you, to be fully active and engaged in it, and to become that which you aspire to…as it may positively impact your quality of life.

We all have a fundamental motivation and need for purposeful and meaningful activity.  Ownership of rural vacant land brings with it the promise and opportunity to explore and engage in those  chosen activities.

It is from this philosophy that my company, Land Inspire, has emerged.  To explore that which is inherently part of the human experience…to have your own place and space in which you can pursue interests, nurture new ones, and engage your mind, body, and spirit in truly re-creational activities…on your very own parcel of recreational land.

So….How will your LAND INSPIRE you?