General FAQs

If I am not in the land business can I purchase from you anyway?

Absolutely! Land-ownership is a fundamental American idea and ideal. A purchaser does not need to “in the biz” or a real estate agent or investor in order to purchase land from us. Many of our customers have been folks whom are simply interested in purchasing a parcel of land for recreational use, to build their home (primary or otherwise), or to create a tangible legacy to pass down to future generations. Please feel free to email or call us to talk about your interest in rural land.

What’s your company all about?

We are real estate investment professionals. We are not real estate agents and do not charge a commission for our services. It is our primary concern to offer quality, researched properties from which to chose and a seamless and easy transaction process. We are committed to creating a win:win situation for our customers.

Why should I buy from you instead of others on Craigslist or eBay?

Service, honesty, and ….that personal touch! We love to connect with our customers. Because we all have one important thing in common….we love land too! It’s “inspiring” for us to get to know our buyers and the visions they hold for their parcel of land.

Buying a parcel of land is an important decision. We believe that the process should be easy and seamless so your overall land purchasing experience can be invigorating, and…inspiring!

FAQs About Our Properties

How much are property taxes?

The property taxes are typically current unless otherwise stated and will vary from parcel to parcel. Please see the tax information section in each individual listing.

Are there back taxes or liens associated with the property?

Unless otherwise stated, all of our properties are free, clear and current at the time of conveyance.

What can you tell me about the property?

We purchase real property for the sole purpose of re-selling it. Our properties are fully researched through multiple data points in order to provide information to assist you in your decision process. Everything we know about each parcel is stated in the listing.

Why is the property so cheap?

We purchase properties at very large volume at discounted rates so we can sell to you at wholesale prices.

Does the property have utilities?

Unless indicated in the description, the rural properties we represent do not have utilities. They’re perfect for a solar or wind-powered “green getaway” or that “off-grid” experience!

Are mineral rights included?

Mineral rights are not included. However, the areas have been geologically investigated and nothing of value has been found. We have never found this to be an issue with any of the properties we have sold.

So…what do people do with raw vacant land?

Well, that’s the fun part! Hobby farming, artisanal gardening, off-roading, placing an RV for vacation use, installing a manufactured home, using it for a tiny house…there are so many possibilities. Please check with the respective county for the most-accurate and final say on the permitted property uses.

FAQs About the Process

Do I need an attorney or real estate agent?

We’ve simplified the buying process with straightforward, easy-to-read contracts. Of course, we encourage you to hire a professional if you think it’s necessary but we’ve done our best to make the process easy for anyone to understand.

Why should I buy from you instead of a real estate agent?

Real estate agent’s fees can range from 2% to 10% of the purchase price. We are not real estate agents. We do not charge any commissions. We eliminate the middleman, saving you even more. We, also, are not simply representing a seller. We own all of the land parcels we sell. As such, we have thoroughly researched each land parcel as part of our acquisition process and pass that information onto you.

How do I plan a site visit?

Each property is unique. Some require 4 wheel drive and GPS to locate while others have “drive right up” access. Please contact us if you need any assistance with maps, coordinates, etc.


Is title insurance available?

With full cash purchases, title insurance is usually available if the closing is conducted through a title agency.    We are able to accommodate a Buyer’s request for a title close.   A title closing would be arranged by the Buyer and at the Buyer’s additional expense.

Will you take payments?

Sometimes, yes. We offer many of our properties with flexible payment options, such as: one time payments in full, or term payments with low down payments and recurring monthly payments. Credit cards are easily processed through our eCommerce platform on our website. Let our flexible payment options make the purchase of your dream parcel an affordable reality.

How do I apply for owner financing?

This is the best part…you don’t even need to apply! This is not like a car loan or a mortgage. There are no credit checks, no credit reporting, and everyone qualifies. If something changes in your life while you are making payments, we will do our best to work with you. We feel the same way about banks that you do. Sometimes…they just don’t get it. Well, we do get it! We are not a bank. Forget about the grueling bank process…let’s just buy some land! We are a real people, just like you, whom believe that buying land can be easy and fun.

And finally…

We have spent a lot of time and energy making this as simple and easy for our customers as possible. Contact us so we can get to know you and help you…become inspired by your land.